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Bring your landscaping back to life with new mulch or rock ground covers.

If you want to improve the appearance of your garden or landscape bed as well as its health, consider adding or refreshing your mulch or rock ground covering. Cross Lawn Care works with homeowners in the Texarkana area to determine the best ground covering for your landscaping based on more than just appearance. One great thing about new mulch -- or rock -- is that it can make your landscaping look new again after many years. If you prefer another type of ground covering such as straw or wood chips, then we can certainly accomodate you and your tastes. We simply present your options and then schedule a time to deliver and install the materials.

Popular types of mulch and rock to use for ground coverings.

It can be hard to select a type of mulch that looks best on your property while still offering important benefits for your garden and landscape beds. We have found that these types are popular with homeowners in the Texarkana area:

  • Black dyed
  • Cedar
  • Dyed cedar
  • Ground cedar mulch
  • Hardwood
  • Pecan
  • Pine bark nuggets
  • Red dyed

Gravel and river rock is very popular for landscape displays in Texarkana, especially these types:

  • Black lava
  • Decomposed granite
  • Limestone
  • Red lava
  • Santa Fe
  • Shadow stone
  • Washed gravel

We are happy to show you photos of completed projects using the type of mulch or rock you’re considering for your own home.

Important benefits of mulch and rock ground covers.

One of the most important benefits of landscape ground coverings is that they provide a layer of insulation against extremely hot or cold temperatures. This allows the soil to retain more moisture so the plants remain strong and healthy, as well as the soil itself. Rock and mulch also help to keep diseases out of gardens and landscape beds and reduces the occurrence and growth of weeds.

Your mulch, rock, or other ground covering needs regular replenishing after we install it for the first time. Depending on your ground covering, an annual or bi-annual schedule is usually adequate, but we will let you know for certain after we finalize the plans for your new ground covering.

To request a free quote for your mulch, rock or other ground cover installation, give us a call at (903) 336-3039, or complete our online form.

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