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Spring and Fall Clean Up Services

Spring & Fall Yard Clean Ups

Landscape trimming, gutter cleaning and more in the Texarkana, TX area!

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Cleaning up the yard in spring and fall seasons.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups

Winter is rough on a lawn, even in Texarkana where we don’t get the snow and ice common in other parts of the country. As your lawn transitions from winter to spring, it needs a good clean-up to ensure the grass and plants will grow as expected. Unfortunately, these chores can be quite time-consuming. The same is true in the fall when it comes time to prepare the lawn for winter. Cross Lawn Care offers spring and fall clean up services that free up your schedule and allow you to just enjoy the changing of the seasons.

What all is included with our seasonal clean up services?

Raking and removal of leaves is one of our most requested services in the fall. It’s important to remove leaves from your lawn promptly so they don’t block sunlight, attract insects, and potentially spread disease. In the spring, one of our most requested services is refreshing the mulch or rock ground covering in landscaping beds. Other services we perform in our spring and fall clean ups include:

  • Apply lawn fertilizer: Treating your lawn with fertilizer in the spring ensures healthy growth for the warmest months of the year, while a fall application is crucial to healthy growth next spring.
  • Reshaping and cleaning of landscape beds: This includes removing dead leaves, branches, and other debris along with cleaning up outside of the bed and edging to restore its shape.
  • Trimming and pruning: Trimming trees and pruning shrubs prevents unattractive overgrowth and encourages healthy development going forward.
  • Gutter cleaning: Gutters are often clogged with leaves in the fall and insects and branches in the spring. Cleaning them ensures rain water can pass through without backing up and causing damage.
  • Apply new mulch and rock: Arranging for this service each spring helps your garden and landscape beds look fresh.
  • Lawn evaluation: We will evaluate the condition of your lawn to determine if it could benefit from services such as aeration or overseeding.

Life is busy enough without adding these chores to your to-do list. If you're in the Texarkana Bi-State area, contact us today at Cross Lawn Care to schedule your seasonal yard clean up.

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